Wednesday, March 19, 2014

resistant starch 'improves insulin secretion' ie you pump out more insulin to get lower bg numbers

From Bill Lagakos at "As to the Raben study you cited: I have no doubt that PS alone won't cause a spike in glucose, similar to your experience and that of the T1 you mentioned, especially because Raben showed the digestible starch in their raw PS to be only ~27% (w/w) and people aren't taking 200 grams of PS at a time. There's also no effect of type IV RS alone on blood glucose as per Haub's study (PMID: 22655177). As to the effects PS has on insulin long-term: one of the ways RS is thought to improve glucose control is by enhancing the incretin response, which will improve insulin secretion. This is kind of like what they saw in the Bodinham study (PMID: 22815837) and in the one by MacNeil (PMID: 24195618). Also, in this rodent study:…." "improve insulin secretion" means insulin levels increase- that is how you get lower blood glucose numbers. except i don't secrete enough insulin as it is, so i don't want to ingest anything that pushes my beta cells to secrete insulin. that is a recipe for beta cell burn out.


  1. I've been experimenting on Hubby, who is a natural-born diabetic (every male member of his immediate family tree is one type or another, thanks to a Type 1 great-grandma), and all this "resistant starch" crap is just that--CRAP! None of it works on Hubby. And it's really bad when he needs 3 days to clear a BG spike.

    Needless to say, we aren't experimenting like this any more. He is resistant to resistant starch--this stuff may work for normals and pre-diabetics, but not a full-blown one.

    It totally defies logic--why feed a diabetic carbs? Hubby gets along better with minimal carbs, and lots of bacon.

  2. did you tell that incubus RN? you probably weren't doing it right according to dr bg cuz she knows- she is a certified diabetes educator I think(gag).

  3. in·cu·bus



    noun: incubus; plural noun: incubi


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