Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 1 on Perfect Health Diet: eating to minimize glucose spikes

i'm starting my 3 day PHD diet today. according to j.stanton and paul jaminet, i will minimize the blood sugar spike for white rice if i consume it with a meal containing fat. jaminet also recommends a fibrous vegetable, vinegar, and a quarter to half pound of meat or egg in the meal. why am i even going this route? i am really curious if the above advice will work. and maybe i will sleep better, which i never do. my sleep is bearable. if it were really bad, i would be getting colds all the time, and i was only mildy sick once this winter. i am trying this diet for 3 days because upping carbs to at least 150 grams a day for three days is the standard for preparing for an OGTT. My fast bg this morning was 108/103 (2 readings). It is usually under 100, but since I have been trying to eat 150 grams of white rice, it has started to go up. PHD advocates say I can minimize spikes coming from white rice if I eat it with a meal. I couldn't eat a PHD breakfast this morning, however. This morning I had coffee with cream. Since I was at a college open house for my daughter, and there were no safe starches available, i only ate bacon and eggs at around 9:15am. At 3:18 pm I wasn't really that hungry, but I thought it was time to test out a PHD meal. My bg before i ate was 100. I didn't want a half pound of white rice because I wasn't that hungry. I had about 150 grams of white rice with a spoonful of kerrygold butter on top- yum. i could eat that all day. i also had boiled asparagus with butter and salt and 5 hot wings. processed food, i know, but my husband refuses to be the food purist that i am. i will take my bg again at 4:18. I'm also having another cup of coffee with cream and sugar-free sweetener. i am very full- i probably should have eaten a little less. at 4:18 my bg is: 157/160 Who thinks my readings will go down day by day? at 6:20, 3 hours after the rice meal and after a half hour of brisk walking, by bg was 107/110. I was very thirsty after the meal. I usually never get thirsty. But I think that could have been the processed hot wings, which were salty with a lot of flavoring chemicals added to them. I just ate 3 stalks of celery- I need something with crunch. Anyway, after the celery, I'm not really hungry. That means I won't make my 150 grams of carb quota today :( tomorrow, in an effort to get in a half pound of white rice, I will divide that amount into three smaller portions: about 75 grams each. people whose blood sugar runs high are supposed to keep their carbs low in the morning, but, in order for me to eat a half pound of white rice a day, I feel I have to eat a small portion at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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