Wednesday, January 12, 2011

aleve working to cut flow/length of period

the good news on the anemia front is aleve is working to cut down on how much iron i'm losing. before i only wanted to take one a day, but now for the first day i take one when my period starts and one eight hours later if my period is still heavy, which it always is the first 2 days. i don't like that i have to take aleve or iron pills, but i like doing that better that uterine ablation or hysterectomy.

i had a bunch of black and blue marks on my body (like 4), and they weren't from bumping into things. anemia can cause them. so i got serious about supplementing again with iron and they went away pretty fast.

i've been taking my calcium, magnesium, zinc supplement in the morning and i'll be shoveling snow for my fasted exercise. so tonight i'll see if i get a cramp or not.