Sunday, December 25, 2011

What i have learned from the past year

I just read over all my previous posts. These were the problems I was dealing with:

Past problems:

Hot in
the middle of the night- can’t get good sleep (once or twice a month).
Heart palpitations (occasionally at night, not often)
Chest pain (not often, but when I have them, they are usually associated with stress)
Had to sometimes wake up in the middle of the
night to put dog out.
Leg cramps (went months without them and then would get a bout)
Periodic easy bruising (very irregular. sometimes when getting ready to take a shower would see 3 or 4 bruises on my leg and butt)
Hair loss at the end of summer 2010 (lost a lot of hair- could barely do a ponytail with some wisps of hair)

The above are no longer a problem. I am no longer anemic (forgot to mention that as a problem), which i mainly credit to aleve. I make it easier to cool down in the middle of the night by using a fan or, like now that it's colder in my house cuz odf winter, i just have two blankets (that i throw off in stages as i begin to heat up) and easy to peel off pjs so i can cool down so fast that i can get right back to sleep. my chest pain from stress is not an issue now cause as soon as i feel a twinge, i consciously relax my body and change my mindset. if i feel a leg cramp, which i rarely or even never do now, i stretch my foot into an "L" shape instead of pointing my toes and that keeps me from getting a cramp. i am regularly drinking a cup of homemade bone soup at least 4 times a week. i have recently started to take a mutivitamin after i started to get sore gums and thought i might have a vitamin/mineral deficiency. i am currently on 50,000 IU of D2 a week to correct a 28 (forgot unit) vitamin d deficient state. I also was on antibiotics in november for a bad cough and a separate course for a urinary tract infection. i try to remember to take my cod liver oil (recent addition to up my vita a on dr. kruse's advice since i am upping my vitamin d steeply) and vita k-2 mk4 to improve my gum/jaw bone health.

my main current problem in lots of gum recession, especially behind the bottom front teeth. i'm hoping the vitamin a, d, and k2 mk4 will help with this situation. i must remember to be grateful for the problems that have gone away while i deal with current ones. merry x mas :)