Monday, December 27, 2010

paleo zealots and pb&j on wonder bread

i posted this on the healthy skeptic blog, but i thought it was cute, so i'm putting it here for a good memory.

i’ve been feeling very confused because i feel great and super energetic eating pb&j on wonderbread. i’ve even tested my post-prandial glucose and i’m fine. i’m just waiting for a paleo zealot to tell me that i am fine now because i haven’t damaged my metabolism yet, but by the time i’m in my 50s, mr. diabetes will be showing up. who are they to tell me not to trust how i feel? and where are the specific pb&j wonderbread studies? until i see proof specifically that eating pb&j for the next 30 years will hurt me, i will continue to eat it!! I may even go on an 800 calorie pb&j diet just to prove that i can lose weight on it!

Monday, December 20, 2010

night time calf cramps

well, to follow up on the trip post- i didn't gain any weight. i had lots of sandwiches, but i ate the insides and threw out the bread. at a restaurant i had crab cakes and the salad bar. i also used the hotel gym to do bike sprints. so i didn't have to worry. good.

but i have a new issue to apply my brain to!! hurray i get to use my brain!!! why am i getting calf cramps the night after i do intense exercise and IF? aren't i getting enough magnesium, salt, calcium and zinc in my diet? if not, why not? i am eating the good ef foods and not crap. i understand my anemia problem- i am bleeding too much during my periods. now that i take aleve on the first day of my period instead of starting it on the heaviest day, i have cut down on the flow quite a bit. i still take one 325mg ferrous sulfate a day (when i remember).

now for the experiment. i could just take a multivitamin and do a gattlin gun spray approach (what is a better gun for spraying bullets? i have to ask my black-ops fan daughter), but that would be no fun since i couldn't isolate a variable as well. soooo tomorrow i'm going to IF and do exercise (but not as intense as on the weekend since i have less time), so tonight i will take one magnesium (forget dose, will post later) and see if it mitigates the cramps or not.

Friday, December 3, 2010


i'm going to my sister's for my niece's batmizvah over the weekend. i'll be flying over and staying in a hotel, so that means i can't cook my own stuff. I find in social situations where i do eat crap, the main reason is because i am down about having to be there in the first place.

my mother has cancer and diabetes- she needs someone to travel with her. originally she was going to go with my brother and i wasn't going to go at all. but my brother decided to drive down instead, so my mother wasn't going to go. i knew she was really looking forward to it, and the doctor says she doesn't have that long to live, so i thought i could sacrifice a little to take her myself. i don't really enjoy these big family get-togethers, especially where it is not easy to escape if you get bored or people start getting on your nerves. so knowing all this, i think i need to get myself psyched up and not get down in the first place.

i need to eat small portions because even the meat and seafood will be soaked in sugar, salt and unhealthy oils that will start my cravings up. i may even nibble at salad sans the salad dressing just to look like i am doing something and not draw attention to myself! of course there is always the old standby white lie 'i'm feeling a little nauseous so i don't have an appetite'. i will make an effort to enjoy people's company and do some people watching. my sister converted to judaism when she got married, so i don't really know a lot about the religion/culture. so my natural curiosity may be a way to keep myself in a good mood.

i'll be an alcoholic in recovery in a room full of alcohol and alcoholics, but i've been in that situation before and did pretty well. the key is to not start feeling trapped and down. so i have a game plan.