Monday, December 20, 2010

night time calf cramps

well, to follow up on the trip post- i didn't gain any weight. i had lots of sandwiches, but i ate the insides and threw out the bread. at a restaurant i had crab cakes and the salad bar. i also used the hotel gym to do bike sprints. so i didn't have to worry. good.

but i have a new issue to apply my brain to!! hurray i get to use my brain!!! why am i getting calf cramps the night after i do intense exercise and IF? aren't i getting enough magnesium, salt, calcium and zinc in my diet? if not, why not? i am eating the good ef foods and not crap. i understand my anemia problem- i am bleeding too much during my periods. now that i take aleve on the first day of my period instead of starting it on the heaviest day, i have cut down on the flow quite a bit. i still take one 325mg ferrous sulfate a day (when i remember).

now for the experiment. i could just take a multivitamin and do a gattlin gun spray approach (what is a better gun for spraying bullets? i have to ask my black-ops fan daughter), but that would be no fun since i couldn't isolate a variable as well. soooo tomorrow i'm going to IF and do exercise (but not as intense as on the weekend since i have less time), so tonight i will take one magnesium (forget dose, will post later) and see if it mitigates the cramps or not.

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