Monday, March 31, 2014

finally- a good sleep!!!

for the past week or more i have woken up multiple times with temperature changes. this has happened before, sometimes to the point of me getting sick from lack of a good night's sleep. this latest wave has particularly tired me out, though. one night i tested my blood sugar as soon as i woke up from warming up, and my bg would be like 80, which i never see during the daytime. then in the morning my bg would be like 104. so it seems i was having a 'liver dump' to raise my bg, even though my bg number wasn't low. one explanation for this is a 'false hypo'. in this scenario your bg is drops to a healthier level because of metformin and/or carb restriction, but your body hasn't adjusted to the drop. then at night when bg naturally drops, your body remembers it used to be higher, say 100, and sees the drop of 20 points to 80 as signaling an emergency- thus the liver dump to raise bg.if you peruse my blog, you'll see i tried out the 'safe-starch' diet the Perfect Health Diet for three days, during which i got bg spikes to 157. i think that it is possible my body reset to a higher bg level, and when i went back to my usual carb level, i started to get the false hypos. then again, it could all be perimenopause (day 16 of cycle). so what did i do yesterday that might have led to a better sleep? 1. no coffee after 12. 2. no spices on my food in the evening 3. some cheese around 8 4. orange UVEX glasses at 7 5. no exercise (because i was worn out and am still recovering from a cold sore) 6. for breafast 2 scrambled eggs with mushrooms, asparagus, and yellow peppers 7. for lunch meatballs 8. for snacks: cheese, celery, half orange plus white part of orange skin, two mini peppers 9. for dinner meatballs again (not super healthy since we bought them pre made) and drum roll please: a good sleep and a morning bg of 90 instead of yesterday's 103

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