Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 3 on Perfect Health Diet

I don't know what happened, but I had the worst sleep i have had in months. very hot and then cold. and my blood sugar was 109/110 this morning. i felt like my throat was getting sore at night, but this morning it's gone. this is my last day to see downward trends in bg. i know i am going to feel like crap all day because of not sleeping well. oh, well. i'll see how it goes. for breakfast i had the 75 grams of rice with butter and some cheese and coffee. i didn't have a big appetite. for lunch i has sardines passed in olive oil and lemon and the 75 grams of rice. i didn't go into the teacher's roooooommmm!! my bg at 4:45 was 95. not as good as the 89 i had at this time yesterday, but ok. at 4:45 i had ground beef, pepper, celery chile, to which i added the 75 grams of rice. i also had small chunks of cheese and i cup of coffee with cream and artificial sweetener. then I didn't take my bg at 5:45 because my husband and I went out for a leisurely one hour walk. when I got back I took my bg and it was 121. I thought it would have been lower after one hour of walking and two hours after eating. when I had my OGTT and drank 75 grams of liquid dextrose (ie glucose), I was 165 at half an hour and 128 one hour and two hours later. so this PHD meal pretty much gave me equivalent numbers to my 2 hours OGTT results. no thanks. can anyone tell me why I should go one with this little experiment? I was simply looking for some improvement- do you think my body shows evidence of being able to process glucose better? i'm glad i did this experiment because it reinforces for me that i really can't tolerate the carbs others can. as if i didn't already know that with two diabetic parents. but along comes the PHD which so many people are saying is a great diet, and which the author says is even good for diabetics if certain principles are followed. for me it doesn't work. i did it for 3 days and i saw no evidence that my body was processing glucose better. the only pluses were that i didn't feel so dried out and my constipation was healed instantly. i will investigate ways to deal with my constipation, such as taking magnesium every night. and i will ask others what has worked for them. in the end i feel that the jaminets are arrogant to advocate their diet for diabetics. their experience with diabetics is too limited. i only saw this today on the livinlavidalowcarb site which included reviews on the "safe starches" concept. one of them took the word right out of my mouth: "ANONYMOUS PROMINENT MEMBER OF THE LOW-CARB COMMUNITY Jaminet is not a clinician seeing patients and he’s never been obese. In that sense, he’s a theorist. His background isn’t in medicine, and it’s his Harvard affiliation that gives him cache. Like many bloggers in the field, he knows what worked for him and that his informed his opinions. Now here’s the issue: if he was treating obese individuals or type 2 diabetics, he might find out that 600 calories of glucose a day is too much for weight loss. He might also find out that some people have to go far below 300 to 400 calories a day to lose weight. He might find that safe starches and berries aren’t “safe” for some, even if they are “safe” for others. Or maybe not. But the key is to make a prescription based on what works for you is always a bad idea. What he did, though, is cut carbs considerably and then, in effect, add them back to deal with problems from eating so few. Compare Jaminet, say, to people like Dr. Steve Phinney, Dr. Jeff Volek and Dr. Eric Westman who have spent their lives working on this in the clinic and the laboratory would give different explanations for all that Jaminet is describing. So my main point is this: telling people they have to eat or should eat 600 calories of carbohydrate a day based on “book learn’n” is maybe not the best idea."

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  1. I read the book and I think other than the safe starch part, he offered some good advice for diabetics to follow.