Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 2 on Perfect Health Diet

This morning 5 am my fasting glucose was 96. Right on the money for my normal bg. I had my 75 grams of white rice with a little butter, 2 eggs scrambled in butter, and a little asparagus. also coffee with cream. no time to take bg reading one hour later as I had to leave for work. At work i had another cup of coffee- no cream. At lunch 11:30 I had a tin of sardines packed in olive oil and lemon juice with 75 grams of white rice (heated up). before this experiment, i would only eat the sardines in a salad- a little yuck, but i was getting used to it. but the white rice with sardines and oil- heaven. then i tried to eat the salad greens with the balsamic on them and they tasted hideous, so i wasted it :( at school i had a little no no in the teacher's room. a miniscule piece of some kind of cake, but i had like 3 servings of whipped cream. new rule: no more teacher's room….!when i got home at 4:30 my bg was 89- again my normal reading when i was eating lower carb for this time of day. for dinner at 4:45 i had 75 grams of white rice again, with a little butter, a burger with salsa on it, and some broccoli. one hour later my bg was 134/133. this is an improvement from yesterday. at 8 pm my bg is 100. again normal or even a little better for this time of the day. so that's why maybe i'm pushing it a little by having what to me is a treat: a half a cup of plain full fat greek yogurt with 3 fresh strawberries and a small amount of frozen blueberries plus a little vanilla protein powder mixed in. my 9 pm reading will tell me if i overdid it or not. tomorrow's morning reading will be telling as well. last night my back was itching like crazy, but i don't know if that was related to what i ate or the aloe crap i put in my hair to kill frizz. as i said in my previous post, i had a normal bowel movement this morning- which i haven't had for several weeks because of constipation. i can't say my sleep was much better. i didn't burn up in the middle of the night, which will happen on days i do IF and weight lifting. during the day today mentally i didn't feel my best. i had more dementia moments calling a student the wrong name, forgetting stuff, etc. but i can't say for sure that is related to the higher carb. i had a very slight headache and a felt a little wired- more so than i usually do with the same coffee intake. this evening i seem to be warmer, although i'm not like my daughter who feels good in short-sleeves in the house. i still need a sweater at 65 degrees. again- i am not even weighing myself. i am mainly concentrating on my bg numbers. i would usual walk at a minimum of 40 minutes outside with my husband, but i had to do senior class trip stuff at the school with my daughter, so i wasn't able to enjoy the nice weather, and the lack of exercise might affect my bg numbers. exercise always has a positive impact on my bg. my bg at 8 pm was 100 at 9 pm after eating the greek yogurt, vanilla protein powder, and berried, it was 99/102: EXCELLENTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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