Monday, March 2, 2015

blood work back- looks like chest pain related to infection of some kind

I got my bloodwork back. my crp was 8, which means a high risk of heart attack, or infection with a cold, flu, etc. my iron values were all low. My hemoglobin was 10.4 (normal 11.7 - 15.5). my feeling is that my body had an infection and was restricting the absorption of iron so as not to feed bacteria growing from the infection. what kind of bacteria? h. pylori overgrowth? anyway, my lipid values were excellent: total cholesterol 190, HDL 88, LDL 92, tri's 51. in a month i will be tested again for crp, iron, and vitamin d level (if my insurance will pay for it).

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  1. update: my body was not hiding iron from bacteria. i had blood work 2 months later and my c reactive protein was down to my normal .3 (as i wasn't sick with a cold sore/sold anymore), but my iron was still in the 10s. after supplementing with iron, i got my hemoglobin up to 13 and also had my ferritin tested- it was 18. so it seems my body was not hiding iron as my ferritin probably would have been over 100 from what i have read. it seems my anemia is probably due to heavy periods. because of this, i will continue to supplement iron and consult with my doctor.