Tuesday, February 24, 2015

vitamin d at 19 is when the cold sore/infection/colds start

i have my threshold for vitamin d deficiency causing cold sores/infections= 19. 19 was what i just got on my lab test. now i am back to religiously using my vitamin d lamp. does anyone have a brand of d3 that they like or that i should definitely stay away from? so anyway, i went from 25 in august and being out in the sun all summer to 19 in the beginning of february. now i am thinking that the only reason i was 25 and not higher is because i must have started the 2014 season (when the sun is strong enough to help generate vita d) extremely low. i have a lot of moles on my back and arms, so i direct the light at my legs and use sunblock for the one or two moles/freckles there.

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