Sunday, February 15, 2015

chest pain night before period: printzmetal's angina? acute pericarditis precipitated by herpes virus? etc

I had my worst chest pain yet at 2 am right below my sternum and i could feel the tightening. it went away after a couple minutes. i checked my blood sugar at the time, and it was around 103. i wasn't having a hot flash. that was the night of day 23 of my cycle. on day 24 my period came. i did some research that shows when estradiol levels are low, from the end of the luteal phase to the beginning of menstruation, women can have a coronary vasospasm. there may be heart disease present to varying degrees, or there may be no heart disease. the attack usually comes between 12 am and 8 am. I posted before about chest pain that occurred during my period. i thought it was caused by dehydration. i do not believe i was dehydrated during this latest bout. i didn't have constipation and my lips weren't chapped. my health has been good all winter except for this month. on 2/6 i saw the beginnings of a cold sore and started with abreva right away. on 2/9 (2am) i had that bad chest pain. my body is becoming stressed out- maybe whatever vita d i had is at the tipping point for being low as i was only 25 (low already) in august, and i don't supplement. today i started using my sperti vita d lamp. i will use it 3 times a week for 5 minutes each time per the instructions. not included in the instructions, but out of caution, i put sunscreen on my one mole and all freckles on my front legs (i am directing the lamp on my legs only). as the light shines on my legs, i move back and forth to avoid the light frying one spot continuously. next time i will shine the light on the back of my legs as you are supposed to change body areas. i always use the goggles to protect my eyes from the UV radiation. i am going to make an appointment with my family doctor and have yearly blood work done. the last time i had chest pain, i went to a cardiologist and was evaluated with a stress test. he found nothing wrong, but a stress test i have since learned won't rule out printzmetal's angina. i also have baby aspirin around the house and if my family doctor doesn't prescribe nitroglycerin, i will take 4 baby aspirins. when my mom had a bad bout of chest pain and went to the ER, they gave her 3 baby aspirin, and i've read that this is a viable strategy for dealing with the pain. i will also stop tutoring after school as this is a source of stress i can control. cold weather is also know to bring on printzmetal angina, but there is nothing i can do about that at the moment. i will also cut down on trying to eat high fat as i feel some discomfort after a particularly high fat meal. someone suggested to me that i may have a gallbladder issue. seeing how the chest pain followed closely on the cold sore development, i googled herpes and chest pain and got a hit for acute pericarditis. i guess i will know if this is a possibility if a cold sore and chest pain are linked in the future. but if i get chest pain before my next period again, then it is more likely related to low estrogen.

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