Thursday, January 22, 2015

factors correlating with a good sleep

room environment: put a container of water at vent light box day 7- day 8 of cycle fasting morning of good sleep 98/95 meals the day before good sleep: breakfast- 2 decafs and chai mug cake with syrup/lunch- salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and chicken strips with coating decaf with cream/tea no sugar/dinner- 2 salmon patties with balsamic, half avocado,chai mug cake/celery/small yellow pepper stress- during the day before the good sleep started out very lethargic but was energized in the afternoon when i was helping a new Chinese family. at home- low level stress. got a nice massage. did school work and went to sleep at 9 pm. no hot liquids. had a cup of bang zhu dabian de yingliao. sleep- woke briefly 2.5 hours later- went right back to sleep. woke briefly when daughter got home. went right back to sleep. no temp changes hot or cold. felt rested at 4:30. stayed in bed until 4:50. no headache, good mood. starting to gain weight eating higher fat, so will rein that in a little.

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