Thursday, August 27, 2015

20 gram protein breakfast needed to keep lunch/dinner bg levels lower?

according to a recent small, short duration study, type 2's who skipped breakfast had higher lunch and dinner blood glucose (bg) values. there were only 22 people in the study. during the study, lunch and dinner meals were exactly the same. when breakfast was eaten, lunch and dinner bg values were lower than when breakfast was skipped. i don't test for bg that much, and have often skipped breakfast because i was not hungry, running on caffeine, and because of the benefits of intermittent fasting. but for someone with my messed up glucose regulation, it might be important to eat a 20-30 gram protein low carb breakfast. so this will be easy to test. today i had tuna with ranch (about 20 grams protein) and coffee with cream and 1 packet of splenda. i woke up at 5:30 because of feeling hot, so i decided to get up instead of trying to go back to sleep. my fasting bg was a good 85. this time last year my fasting bg was in the 80's for 2 days in the month of august. this year adding 500 mg of metformin at lunch, my fasting bg has been in the 80's for 13 days with 4 days of august left (metformin has not caused me to lose any weight, and i do need to lose some). i ate breakfast at 6:15 am. one hour later my bg was 107 up from that 85. i was surprised since i thought my breakfast was almost zero carb. i may play around with just black coffee, green tea, or just water in the morning after this experiment is over to try to reduce that 22 point increase. at 7:30 am i went for a leisurely walk for about 1 hour. my bg only dropped to 98, which was strange as any kind of exercise usually drops it more. i was dealing with some stress right before i tested, so maybe that had an effect. also, i usually test the effects of exercise in the afternoon/evening. i don't have time in the morning to do the kind of testing i am doing now. since it's summer, and i'm off, i'm just getting around to doing this kind of testing (i should have done it a long time ago!!)i will test at 9:15 even though i usually only test 1 hour post prandial. 9:15am bg:my blood sugar is basically the same as i was at 8:30 am: 99!!!! i plan to eat lunch at 11:30 am. update. i ate lunch closer to 12. i wasn't really hungry, but i always get hungrier after i start eating.? at 12 before i ate my bg was a nice 91. for lunch i had 2 boiled eggs (14 grams protein), a half a cup of cottage cheese ( 10 grams protein), two oz of mixed nuts ( 12 grams protein), a little stir fried cauliflower (protein??). my total protein intake was 36 grams and i felt satisfied. one hour later my bg was a 110. it rose about 19 points. so after breakfast i rose 22 points and after lunch 19 points. very close, especially given the imprecision of test strips. both meals were low carb. dr. bernstein says that bg should only rise 10 points after which it should go fairly quickly down to the original preprandial number. i never do that., but then i'm not eating his 6-12-12 30 grams of carb a day plan either. day 2 i decided to be lazy and copy the original experiment that found skipping breakfast led to high bg numbers at lunch and dinner in type 2's (not on insulin i think). i am only doing this for 2 days, and that's how long the study was as well. day one was yesterday during which i had a 20 gram protein breakfast ( i wasn't hungry at all, so that amount of protein was ok). today i will skip breakfast, but but but- one thing different from the original experiment is that i will have coffee with cream and splenda because when i do skip breakfast, you know i am NOT going to skip coffee. so, as has been happening for like weeks, i had a bad sleep waking up hot. the good part was that i didn't wake up multiple times- basically just once at 4:30 am- so that was an improvement of sorts. i moved to my other bedroom which is a lot darker at night since it does not face streets with street lights, and the darkness made me feel better drifting off to sleep. i haven't used my orange glasses for this experiment, so tonight i will start wearing them at 7:30. i will try anything to get a good night's sleep!!!!! this morning my bg was 96, which is higher than it has been lately. like i said, i only had coffee with splenda and cream, so i will see what it is one hour later. ok, one hour later my bg is about the same: 95. i guess the coffee/cream/splenda didn't raise my bg because when i woke up it was 96. just like yesterday, i have just been sitting on my butt in front of the computer for the one hour after breakfast. yesterday i went for a walk around 7:30, so i will do that again. while i am waiting, i'm reading a lot of bill lagakos has a lot of relevant studies. this link i want to save: basically his post is about a bunch of studies that all show that a big breakfast (protein/carb breakdown?) and small/no dinner is better for weight loss and glucose regulation. the problem is i'm never hungry enough to eat a big breakfast. EXCEPT at one point a couple of years ago, for some reason, which i forget, i was shoveling in 3 eggs and 3 sausage patties for breakfast and that was when i was at my thinnest: 125 lbs. now years later i am around 136, but i have never regained my normal pre low carb weight of 145, although the weight is creeping up now, and i am closer to menopause and not sleeping well. it's been 6 years since i lost the weight. so i am still ahead. if i start eating low/no dinner, then i should wake up hungry enough to shovel in that high protein food. but how will going to bed with an emptier stomach affect my sleep? my sleep already is crap, so it better not get worse!!!! here is one of the studies bill lagakos linked to which i want to read carefully- i will later as it walk time. the above study says a protein/fat rich big breakfast is better than a carb rich smaller breakfast. right now i am skipping breakfast altogether and i am starting to obsess about food and it is only 10:44 am. yesterday i ate lunch at 12 even though i was not that hungry. today i'm pushing it up to 11:30 am, and i have a feeling i am not going to be satisfied by the amount of food i ate yesterday. still i will control myself and only eat that amount so i can compare the one hour/ two hour post prandial response. but in the real world, i would be chowing down! ok- a review of day 2- no breakfast fasting 96... one hour after having had coffee/heavy cream/splenda= 95.... 2 hours later- a little lower 92- but the meter of course could be off, as is true for supposedly +/- 15 points on any of these glucometer values. idk why, but i didn't measure right before i ate at 11:45. duh. one hour later i was 86!. and 1 hour 15 minutes ( i had a 15 minute break in the middle cuz i had to hard boil some eggs so i would be eating the exact same lunch of cottage cheese/nuts/ 2 hard boiled eggs (no cauliflower- ate it all yesterday). so at 1 hour 15 minutes i was 103!!! yesterday when i ate 20 grams of protein for breakfast, i was pretty much the same- 110. at two hours after lunch i was 97. SOOOOOOOO i didn't see some shocking rise in blood sugar having skipped breakfast (except for the coffee). BUBBBUUUTTTT i felt restless and was watching the clock for when i could eat lunch. SSSSOOOO even if i have pretty much the same bg whether i eat breakfast or not- i'm eating so i won't be distracted by hunger. the only thing that would dissuade me is if i overdo it at breakfast and start getting FATTER. PS i don't know why skipped lines do not show up on the final copy of this blog- i am putting in spaces when i type the draft.

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