Tuesday, August 14, 2012

diabetes with no symptoms/probable cardiovascular system damage

two more things i wanted to add:

1. my blood work has been good for lipids and fasting glucose- my A1c was 5.6, which i knew would be off since i was anemic at the two times i had it done. what i didn't realize is that the A1c will be artificially low if someone is anemic and in actuality should be much higher.

2. i have been eating not extremely high fat, but fatty sausage, burgers, eggs, etc thinking it was OK since I was eating low-carb. The problem is my diet was actually just like a high carb diet since my body couldn't process glucose correctly and my blood sugars were probably high. so i probably did some damage to my heart and vascular system which i will try to reverse.

what symptoms did i have that i was diabetic? none. sometimes you have to test based on factors other than symptoms (such as family history and other abnormalities, such as giving birth to large babies) 


  1. my first A1c was done when my hemoglobin was low, but within range, and it was 5.9. so there is not as much of a difference as i had originally thought before i checked my old blood work.

  2. actually, three probable symptoms of myself running high blood sugars: 1) lots of gum recession, especially lower front teeth- need a graft (after pregnancies). 2) even earlier- giving birth to large babies. i am 5'3" and both my babies were over 8 pounds (first birth i was 30 years old, second birth 32. there was no record of gestational diabetes and i was not overweight at all pre pregnancy). 3) having a vaginal yeast infection during and after my second pregnancy 4) having urinary tract infections show up on blood work, but symptoms were not that annoying, so ignored it.