Sunday, August 12, 2012

8/12/12 first test disbelief

i did the test:

fasting blood sugar: 90
ate 60 grams of a fast-acting carb (oatmeal)
1 hour later: 219- measured again in disbelief: 265
2 hours later: 197-measured again in disbelief: 191
3 hours later: (after vigorous exercise): 101

from jenny ruhl's website (the same one linked below):

If your blood sugar went over 200 mg/dl (11.1 mmol/L) at any time you testedd, you just registered a diabetic blood sugar level and should consult with a doctor as soon as possible. Two random tests results of 200 mg/dl are considered diagnostic of diabetes according to the Diagnostic Criteria for Diabetes Mellitus published by the highly conservative American Diabetes Association. 

since i don't want to take medicine, i'm going to see if i can control this according to dr. bernstein's target of 30 grams of carb a day plus exercise plus going leaning more to eating 2 meals a day instead of 3. he says a normal person will have a reading of 85 even right after eating, except for a very carb-laden meal. if the meter is off +/- 10 its, that means i could go up to 95, but i might be hypoglycemic at 75- so i won't strictly shoot for 75.

i shudder to think where i would be if i hadn't started my version of ef in 2009. i now know that i need to implement a much stricter version of ef. i would never have known to do this if i hadn't bought the glucose meter and if i had never found dr. bernstein/jenny ruhl. i didn't even want to buy it- my husband did. i thought he might be pre diabetic, but using the same 60 grams of carbs, this numbers were much better. At 1 hour after the 60 grams of carbs, he was 137/143, at 2 hours he was 110/111. 

Because i eat lower carb, i can maybe subtract 10 points from my 2 hour reading, but even then i am over 200. 


  1. It was the glucose meter that woke me up too. 259 three different sricks after cheese fries and unsweetened tea. At least its terrific motivation

  2. i woke up at 3 am- i'm still a little shaken up. 3 years i've been on paleo, meaning no junk food 95% of the time. but i was probably still getting high sugars with eating lots of watermelon and other fruit, not to mention eating to bursting a lot of the time.

    i'am also upset because i think my two daughters, who were both born over 8 lbs. and are both short for their age like me (high blood sugars could lead to stunted growth according to dr. bernstein) are probably affected. my one daughter is absolutely angry at me for even bring this up. her eating is out of control and she is constantly looking for fruit or gum. she has thin friends who say "we are teens, we can eat what we want". my youngest daughter is very proud of her appearance, and will restrict carbs to look nice. she is more open to carb restriction.

    i am really going over the bernstein book with a fine-toothed comb. i want to make carb restriction tastier so my daughters will be more on board with it.

    how did you come to test your blood sugar? did you have symptoms of diabetes? i had none that i knew of. it was my husband who wanted to buy the meter since he had the symptom of always being thirsty and needing to pee. plus his fasting number was creeping up a little. my fasting number has been 90 for a while, so i was floored when i got 200 plus reading after1 hour, and near 200 after 2 hours.

    but i can deal with this. my brain and my will have not deteriorated to the point where i will sit in denial.

  3. The beauty of the glucose meter is it leaves no room for denial. I do feel for.young ppl who are surrounded by many who are effortlessly thin and healthy. They're more sensitive to eating differently too. Hang in there for them! Your good example is the best! I started checking my b.s. when my father was diagnosed with full blown diabetes. Its very jarring.

  4. keto, how old are you and are you a man or a woman? i'm also a little spun out because i think i have the hereditary form that has probably been with me my whole life and may have contributed to my various problems with mood that before i just ascribed to personality (which it still might be). i'm going to check in the genetic testing company 23andme does the MODY testing that jenny Ruhl got.. thank you for encouraging me. i don't expect a lot from internet interactions, which is why i advised wooo to get some real friends apart for the internet, so i am always appreciative for any kind words emanating from the computer.