Monday, November 22, 2010

great sleep last night/bone soup + leaves

I haven't started taking the iron supplements yet because I wanted to start them to coincide with a new cycle. Today is day 3, and i will start taking one a day til the end of my cycle.

i'm still having forgetfulness, although not as bad as that one day i wrote about. like just now i forgot that i had already taken out the eggs- not a major slip up, as far as my slip ups go, but something i want to improve.

the big news is that last night i had the best sleep i can remember in a long while- no temp changes and no waking up after 6 hours and then having to make an effort to go back to sleep.

it could be the result of cumulative changes, or it could be something different i did yesterday.
yesterday a took an aleve, since my flow was starting to get some small clots. i also had 3 bowls of chicken bone soup, each with a pinch of salt, and a lot of leaves (like baby spinach) thrown in. this is chinese style soup and super easy to make. we just put water with the chicken carcass that was left over from the roasted chicken we got from sam's after my husband first cut all the meat off it. we didn't add any spices to it. then when it's boiling hot, you just throw in some leaves and a pinch of salt.

when i woke up this morning, my heart seemed quieter than usual, i couldn't even feel any beats as i usually can when i wake up. i slept from 9 pm until 4:45 am. then i laid in bed until 5 am and got up to cook breakfast. i only got up at 11 45 pm to put the dog out, and immediately went back to sleep. so that's 7 hours and 45 min of good sleep. Yeah!! also i did IF yesterday morning and one hour of vacuuming. the rest of the day was relatively stress free, although i did have some pain in my right chest area in the afternoon. that came after eating pecans and cinnamon. don't know if they are related. sometimes i have fleeting chest pain and so does my 13 year old daughter. i think we must be deficient in some nutrient- maybe magnesium, calcium, or both. i'm hoping drinking bone soup + leaves regularly will help.

So the bone soup and the iron are the 2 new things i am trying. i don't take iron in the morning because calcium and i think spinach inhibit its absorption. i'll take it on an empty stomach for greater absorption (so i read).

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