Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sleep day 14 of cycle

well sunday night into monday, i had the usual temperature changes, but nothing that really made me feel overtired. the dog even woke me up in the middle of the night, but i still felt pretty good. but, monday night into tuesday, i had temperature changes that interfered with my sleep to the extent i feel a little dragged out this morning. the dog didn't even wake me up! i also had a little bit of a stuffed up nose and, really strange, some pain in my right chest area.

i have to do some speculation as to why things are different, so i can see what i want to do differently tonight. 1)last night i went to bed super tired because i had to wait up for my daughter. 2) i had a lot of fruit in the evening: a bowl of blueberries and coconut milk (early evening), a bowl of half a banana and coconut milk, and an apple. 3)i put chocolate-flavored whey protein in the coconut milk.

i had a good day yesterday- no real stress. i was feeling good helping students and meeting parents- so that didn't come into play.

the dreaded monthly cycle can always be a factor since my hormones are supposedly going yo-yo now. to see if this is a prime cause of my temperature fluctuations, i'll have to be diligent in posting what day of the cycle i am in and see if there are patterns over time.

so, for tonight and for the rest of this week ending sunday night- i will only eat fruit in the morning, no more whey protein powder period, i will have my last meal at 5 so i go to sleep on an empty stomach (9 to 9:30), i will not go to sleep overly tired, but stick to my schedule.

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